Top 5 Restaurants Serving Best Jain Food In Singapore

Are you a follower of Jain culture and its food habits? Jains are the people who are strictly a vegetarian but don’t eat root or underground vegetables such as onion, potatoes, garlic, etc., and some fruits. Their food diet is based on non-violence. And the food they intake is more healthy. They never eat eggs, meat, fish, and animal ingredients as they consider it a sin. The Jain food should be provided with more caution. So when selecting the Best Indian Restaurants In Singapore, do proper research about it as they will help you. To help you out, here are the top five restaurants serving best Jain food in Singapore:

Cow and farmer:

If you are looking for the best Indian restaurants in Singapore, Cow and farmer should be your first preference. We provide healthy and proper Jain food that will be tastier and make you feel more comfortable when eating. They provide rich organic food to their customers. Not only do they offer Jain food items, but they are also experts in cooking various Indian cuisine. The name represents that the vegetables they buy directly from the farmer cook and serve the customers naturally. So if you love to taste Jain food, you can visit the cow and farmer restaurant and taste it.

Kailash Parbat:

Kailash Parbat in Singapore is a Jain restaurant that provides different varieties of Jain dishes. They are friendlier and serve their customers gladly. The food they provide will match authentic Indian food.  

Namastaey India:

Namastaey India restaurant is welcoming all customers not only in Singapore but also worldwide customers. They offer a wide variety of Jain dishes and serve food with a big smile. It is a small restaurant but serves healthy Jain food. 

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant:

Greenland vegetarian restaurant is one good restaurant you should look for when considering eating Jain foods. The vegetables they include in their cooking are full of natural products, and the food tastes delicious. It is a big restaurant, and the people who visited there happily felt the place was more spacious to dine in. You can order food and get colorful Jain foods.

Real Food:

Real food restaurant in Singapore is where to dine in and eat vegetarian or Jain foods. In their menu, they listed all the varieties of vegan foods that will be useful for Jains to order and eat their favorite Jain foods happily. The restaurant is clean, hygienic, and spacious. 

Final words:

Those mentioned above are the top five Jain restaurants in Singapore. Of these five restaurants, the cow and farmer restaurant is the first place you should go for as they offer Jain foods and the Best Indian Food for their lovable customers.  

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