Unpolished Navara Red Rice


Navara is the finest variety of Indian Native Rice, which is Highly Nutritious.

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Unpolished Navara Red Rice (Indigenous Seed) 1 Kg


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.About Indigenous Navara Red Rice:

  • It is one of the Indian oldest and ancient rice variety
  • It is believed to have originated during Ramayana times in southern part of India
  • Medicinal rice used as one of ingredient in siddha Ayurveda
  • It is served as porridge for infants in Kerala
  • Produced in Cow based Natural Farming Method
  • This is only seed which gives sprouts from broken rice in the world

 Rice Properties:

  • Minimum 8 months old rice, large and short size grain, rice tastes sweet.

 Cooking Instructions:

  • Ideal to soak 8 hours in water before cook
  • Ideal to use 3 cups of water for 1 cup rice
  • If cooker is used, minimum 6-8 whistles required to cook


  • Recommended by saints to keep juvenile and long life
  • Ayurvedic Rice, bran of this rice is used to cure neural diseases, body pain and eye disorders
  • It helps to improve digestion, immunity and gives energy to growing kids
  • Helps to promote the growth of RBC in the blood
  • Strengthens the nervous system to avoid the risk of nervous disorders
  • It is rich in minerals, protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates

Some Facts …

We are trying to our level best to bring back our ancestors food..

  • We would like to serve you raw and natural food. we have NOT added any chemical preservatives for artificial aroma
  • This is rare indigenous rice and more raw in nature, can not be comparable with regular RED rice available in market
  • Our priority is farmers empowerment and customers trust
  • Natural farmer gets than regular minimum 50-100% higher market price

One of the most negative results of the commercialisation of agriculture is the total dependence by the farmer on external sources for all his farming inputs, including seeds. Whereas earlier our farmers used to “save” and “share” their seeds, today they depend wholly upon seed companies for their requirements.

Desi or Traditional or Indigenous or Native seeds are those produced, growing or living naturally in a particular country or climate. They are seeds that have been selected and managed by local people in the local growing environment.

Native / Desi Seeds give highly nutritious and makes us genetically strong like our ancestors. Our farmer has been cultivating Navara from last 3 years in Subhash Palekar Ji Natural Farming Method. It is unpolished may take little more time for cooking. Absolutely no chemical were used while cultivation or for storage. Store in dry place and always keep in air tight bag / box while storing


1 Kg, 5 Kg

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