Shakti Datha Tonic 500 ml


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Shakti Datha Tonic 500 ml


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Ayurveda is a treditional Holistic health care system. Ayurveda is “A Science of Life”. The entire science of Ayurveda is based on the “Five great Elements Theory”. These five elements are Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni or Tej), Air (Vayu) and ether or space (Akash). Ayurveda comprehends body, mind and sprit likewise and has specific methods for working on each. It divides the constitution of people in to three numoral categories.

Vata (Earth/Air), Pitha (Fire) and Kapha (Water/Earth) Vata rules mental mobility pitha or fire governs digestion and assimilation on all levels. Kapha or Water is responsible for weight cohesion and stability. The coordination of the three dathus will improves body health, the imbalance in the ratio of these three leads to many diseases. Treatment of Ayurveda is based up on natural herbs each and every herb has certain medicinal value or property. Like wise our shakthidatha prepared from fruits of Banian trees.


1) improves physical and mental strength.
2) provides a boost to the immune system.
3) improves nerves strength.
4) help in controling blood presure.
5) improves hemoglobin.
6) purifies blood.
7) relieves constipation.
8) best digestive tonic.
9) anti aphrodisiac.
10) best tonic for children.
11) helps to relieve from luecorrhoea and menorrhagia
12) controls body heat


sweet butter milk or water.

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