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About Indigenous Mapillai Samba Red Rice :

  • One of the rare indigenous seed, has more than 100+ years of history
  • Originated from Tamilnadu, India
  • Medicinal rice used as one of ingredient in siddha Ayurveda
  • Produced in Cow based Natural Farming Method
  • In Tamilnadu tradition, It is given to the groom for the improvement of their strength to elevate a stone in a competition for winning the bride

Rice Properties :

  • Red Color Rice, 160 days Crop
  • Minimum 8 months old rice, short size grain, rice tastes nuetral

  Cooking Instructions :

  • Ideal to soak 8 hours in water before cook
  • Ideal to use 3 cups of water for 1 cup rice
  • If cooker is used, minimum 6-8 whistles required to cook


  • Water of this washed rice will be useful for the wellness of mouth and stomach ulcers 
  • It increases digestive power and stamina
  • This rice is one of traditional treatment of Diabetic patients
  • It has high energy and fibre content
  • It helps with brain development for kids
  • Idli and Dosa can be prepared by using this rice

Some Facts :

We are trying to our level best to bring back our ancestors food..

  • We would like to serve you raw and natural food. we have not added any chemical preservatives for artificial aroma  
  • This is rare indigenous rice and more raw in nature, can not be comparable with regular RED rice available in market
  • Our priority is farmers empowerment and customers trust  
  • Natural farmer gets minimum 50-100% higher than regular market price



1 Kg, 5 Kg

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