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Product Description:

Total Nutritional Care

• Saragamruta Capsule is specially designed formula with synergistic action of Moringa leaf and Gaumutra.
• Moringa Leaves or Shigru are full of essential disease-preventing nutrients: Vitamin A, which acts as a shield against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhea and many other diseases.
• Moringa also contains Vitamin C which fights a host of illnesses including colds and flu, Calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth, and helps prevent osteoporosis, Potassium, essential for the functioning of brain and nerves, and Proteins, the basic building blocks of all our body cells.
• Rich in calcium, Moringa strengthens bones, improves blood circulation to the joints, and treats joint aches and pains.
• The antioxidant phyto-constituents present in Shigru also alleviate gouty inflammation of the joints by inhibiting the key enzyme that is involved in excessive uric acid production. Due to its high nutritional content, Shigru nourishes body tissues, especially bones and joints.


1-2 capsules per day with warm water or as directed by physician.



• Eye disease, Skin disease, heart ailments
• Strong bones and teeth
• helps prevent osteoporosis
• Improve blood circulation
• Treats joint aches and pains

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