Clay Cooker 3 Liters


An Innovative, Next generation Product; Cooking in a clay cooker not only has a variety of health benefits but also makes for an easier cooking process and in the end, a more flavorful and nutritious dish

Cooks everything which a regular cooker cooks
Preserves the natural taste of food
Very easy to use & wash
Variety of health benefits
Award Winning Product

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Clay Cooker (3 Liters)


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 Product Details:

Width 9.6
Length 12
Height 9.5
Color Reddish Brown
Size 3 liter

 Technical Specifications

Material Natural Clay
Style Antique
Weight 2 K.G.
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Type Green Product
Packing Thermocol pack
  • It gives natural taste to the food.
  • The pressure in it is only that much what is required, more pressure breaks the food making the food nutrition-less.
  • Unlike Aluminum cooker, it is hygienic and natural.

 How to use:

  • Before you start cooking in the cooker pan, fill the pan with water or buttermilk for 2 days, which gives the pan better strength.
  • You can serve that water or buttermilk with the meal.
  • After you wash do not straight ways put the cooker on the stove Allow it to dry for a while.
  • While you wash, soak the cooker in boiled water for about an hour to retain its strength and then use sponge to clear stains.
  • It is advised to check the lid is properly tight before use.
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